Country and Western Wedding Dresses

The trend of wearing country and western wedding dresses is gaining popularity in weddings, especially at western themed weddings of which there are many.

Country and western themed wedding gowns for the ladies combined with western style tuxedoes for the gentlemen can really cut a dash at your western wedding.


Of course there are many accessories for both men and women for western wedding receptions such as western style tuxedos, vests and dressy shirts and cowboy hats for the men and Southern Belle style ball gowns for the ladies will ensure a western wedding not to be forgotten.(See also printable photo wedding invitations and outdoor wedding ideas too)

In addition many ladies have been known to wear western bridal hats, floor length gowns which can be formal or informal, Victorian bridal granny boots and western jewelry and garters.

The design of the western wedding dresses is generally of simple lines, lace, smooth looking cuts and they are usually found in floor length with full sleeves.

Country and Western Wedding Dresses

There is also a trend of including the corset in country and western wedding dresses where both attractive and sexy designs can be found in the form of corset topped dresses. The lace which is used up front is in the style of the old western days and it helps in defining the shape of the bride’s waist.

You can apply the same theme to your wedding invitations and that can play its part by encouraging the guests to dress according to the theme.

If you are planning a wedding in the middle of summer than choose the wedding gown accordingly. The fabric should not be too heavy and avoid making long sleeves so that the bride can stay comfortable during the wedding.

Country and Western Wedding Dresses

The tradition of wearing country wedding dresses comes with many other traditional and fun items much as long gloves, hats and belts.  Many brides prefer to wear hats instead of veils.

A pure country style hat and western boots can prove to be the perfect accompaniment for the gown.

The most popular type of boots are either white leather or brown leather whereas some brides wear pastel shade boots so that they can mix things up with the flowers in their hand.

You can ensure that your western themed wedding is complete of course with western style wedding favors, cowboy wedding votive candles, western toasting flutes, western wedding guest books, western cake toppers, thank you cards, place cards and so forth.


So if you have your heart set on a country and western style wedding you will be surprised by the range of country and western wedding dresses from which to choose and which will contribute to a truly memorable wedding.

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