Small Wedding Ideas

Money is not the only reason that couples are looking for small wedding ideas. A wedding is supposed to be a celebration of the day that you exchange vows with the person that you want to spend your life with.

Many couples would prefer to keep this time private and intimate rather than turning it into a spectacle. Large weddings, although grand, offer the bride and groom little time to speak to their guests or to relax.

Small outdoor weddings

Couples that want to have a wedding that is not held in a church, or in a hall, should consider having an intimate wedding.

There are hundreds of locations for small outdoor weddings. Many places are happy to permit a couple to use their facilities for their ceremony, but they are unable to accommodate a large number of guests.


Small wedding venues

If you want to have a large wedding, your choices of venues will be severely restricted. Small wedding venues, on the other hand, can be readily found. If you keep your invitation list down you could have your wedding almost anywhere.

Historical sites, local theme parks, bed and breakfasts, wineries and museums may all be open to the idea of helping to host the wedding. If travel is more to your liking, a boat, plane or even a railway car can be booked if you are only going to have a few guests. (Check out backyard wedding ideas and outdoor wedding ideas too)


Planning a budget on a small wedding

There are many benefits to planning a budget on a small wedding. Less people attending the reception means more money available to be spent on other things.

Rather than having 200 guests at a buffet dinner, you could have 30 special friends enjoy a formal sit down dinner. The savings do not end with just the hall and the meal, there are also other things like invitations and wedding favors where you will save hundreds of dollars.


If you chose to have a small wedding, you may decide that there is no need to have a huge wedding cake. You might simply want to have a special dessert made for the group of invites.

A small intimate wedding is often the choice of couples that are marrying for the second time. They understand the stress and chaos that goes along with a large ceremony. They realize that they would be able to enjoy the whole day much more if they could sit and relax with their family and friends rather than being on display at a head table.

A smaller wedding ceremony is much more personal. Large weddings are grand and glorious, but they do come with a price. Small wedding ideas are not the same as having a small budget. Small often translates into more choices, meals that are more elaborate and exotic locations.

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