Western Wedding Invitations

Western wedding invitations are a very popular choice for a western themed wedding particularly in many states of the United States.

A western theme wedding can be greatly enhanced by the sending out of suitably themed western invitations but you will still need to convey not just the theme of your western wedding but when, where, who and what you are inviting your guest to.


Western theme wedding invitations

The purpose of your invitations for a western themed wedding is to convey to your guest the look and feel that you hope to achieve for your wedding and to let them know what a great party you have in store for them.

And if it is a truly western wedding you may be insisting that the dress code for your guests is consistent with this theme so you may be requesting cowboy shirts, hats and suitable western themed clothing for your lady guests. (Check out backyard wedding ideas and outdoor wedding ideas also.)

You may also need to give some thought to the wording of your invitations as well as your design and the use of “western” or “cowboy” language can enhance your invitations and convey a message of fun you intend for your big party.

Minted Wedding Stationery

You will need to let your guests know also whether your western wedding is intended to be a casual affair or a more formal bash with vintage western wedding gowns and black tie and tails for the gentlemen guests.

You may also be considering holding your wedding reception outdoors with a barbeque or some sort of outdoor grill/buffet so it will be important that your wedding invitations let people know what is on the agenda so that they are not taken by surprise and dress inappropriately.

Western wedding invitation design

There are some beautiful and imaginative western theme designed invitations with cowboy boots, hats, cactuses, clear blue skies, horses, horseshoes and so forth.


A good combination of color to convey your western theme is the use of earthen brown colors with perhaps a splash of color but a quick search on the internet should help you find any number of different designs specifically for a western themed wedding.

Your invitations will also want to let people know just how western or rural you intend your reception to be with options including your backyard, a farm, ranch or perhaps just decorating a local hall or hotel reception room with the necessary wedding favors, ribbon, balloons and so forth to continue and convey your western dream wedding.

Shopping around well in advance for some discount invitations which suit your budget is well advised and regardless of the theme you choose for your wedding you definitely will find what you are looking for on the internet with many companies selling last season’s designs for knock down prices. Just make sure that the card used in your western wedding invitations is of sufficient quality to ensure that you are not sending out a “cheap” and tacky message.

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