Winter Wedding Ideas

Trying to find great winter wedding ideas? There are hundreds of ways to create a perfect wedding in even the coldest of winters.

If you are planning to get married, why wait until it is hot and humid.

Winter weddings

Winter weddings are often much less expensive. Most couples plan their wedding for the summer, and places fill up quickly.
Booking anything during the peak wedding season may have to be done months in advance.

Couples that plan to say their vows during the winter months are almost guaranteed to have their choice of places and dates, and they may be able to take advantage of huge off-season discounts.


Winter wedding themes

Winter wedding themes can be just as romantic and glamorous as anything in the summer. Some of the more common wedding themes are the Jack Frost or the Christmas theme.

Other themes may include the Russian style of wedding or a winter playground. Do not forget that a medieval themed wedding can be done just as easily in the winter as in the summer. In fact, most themes can be done even in the coldest climates.


Jack Frost winter wonderland wedding ideas should include many things that glitter and sparkle. You are trying to create the image of a clear, magical snowy morning. Silver and blues are perfect colors for creating this kind of imagery. Snowflakes, icicles, and mirrors can also be added to help create the mood.

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Winter wedding gown

A classic winter wedding gown dress needs to have the right accessories. Many brides prefer to wear wedding boots to a winter ceremony. Capes and jackets are also very common and often worn by the wedding party.  Additionally, not to be forgotten are head coverings or muffs and gloves.


Winter wedding dresses

Winter wedding dresses tend to be heavier than those that are worn in the summer. Brides have a tendency to stay away from the light fabrics. Winter gowns often use a lot of brocades and pearls. Velvets and other heavy cloths are ideal for this time of year. Designers like to use faux fur and feathers in many of their creations. The dresses for the wedding party should follow along these same lines.

Winter Brides that have chosen to have a Christmas theme wedding often like to have red used in their wedding gown. This may be something as simple as a tiny bit of red ribbon to a gown that is completely red with just a bit of white used for trim. Dark green is another color that is often favored by winter brides and their maids.

Why wait? With all the possible winter wedding ideas forget about summer, and the heat and bugs, consider a winter ceremony.

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